Abdominal plastic surgery in Iran

Abdominal plastic surgery in Iran

Abdominal plastic surgery

Abdominal plastic surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon to remove loose and sagging skin as well as remove excess fat.

In abdominal plastic surgery, various operations are performed with different methods with the aim of abdominal surgery, but the important thing is that you, as an applicant for abdominal plastic surgery, know which method is right for you and you will get results from it.

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Abdominal plastic surgery

Who is suitable for abdominal plastic surgery and how long is the surgery?

Abdominal plastic surgery is suitable for all ages, but this surgery is mostly performed by those who have increased weight and obesity, or by women who have gone through pregnancy. Abdominal surgery has different methods and is often divided into different categories.

Depending on the extent of the surgery, a full abdominoplasty will take about 1 to 5 hours, and a partial abdominoplasty (mini abdominoplasty) can be completed between 1 and 2 hours.

The best people for abdominal surgery are those who have given birth and been pregnant several times and their abdominal muscles are weak and relaxed. If people are planning to get pregnant or if they have gone on a diet and lost weight, this operation should not be done, but this surgery is done 6 months after the person’s weight is fixed.

The presence of lines and incisions in the abdomen, which can be dangerous for a person due to various operations that have already been done. Therefore, it is necessary to have a complete examination of the abdomen before abdominal surgery and all these items have been checked.


Care and tips before and after tummy tuck surgery

Usually, the patient who performs abdominal plastic surgery usually regains consciousness after a few hours after the operation.

– On the day or the first days after abdominal surgery, a person should refrain from performing movements that cause pressure on the abdominal area and also from lifting heavy objects.

– The place where the abdominal surgery was performed should be bandaged and after removing the bandage, the patient should use an abdominal girdle for an average of 6 weeks.

Painkillers are used at the abdominal surgery site to relieve pain. This mild pain will disappear after 3 to 4 days.

To prevent infection, the patient must take antibiotics for 7 days.

– During the first week of abdominal surgery, the patient should not lie on his stomach or sleep.

– The patient can take a bath after 4 days of this surgery.

Abdominal plastic surgery cost

The cost of abdominal plastic surgery is not fixed and clear like other cosmetic procedures, and it is often not covered by health insurance. The fact that the cost of the operation is not clear is because the plastic surgery specialist implements various techniques and methods according to the condition of each person and the goals expected from the surgery, and almost no two abdominoplasty operations will be completely similar to each other.

Pay attention to these points before undergoing plastic surgery

-Patients who smoke must stop smoking one month before the tummy tuck surgery. It is better for patients not to smoke at least three weeks before surgery

– Since you are planning to get pregnant, you should postpone the abdominal cosmetic surgery until after pregnancy. In this procedure, the suction of the sides is usually performed at the same time.

.-Suction of the sides is usually done at the same time. The site of the surgical scar is on the caesarean section and it fades over time, but it is better that three months after the abdominal surgery, the site of the scar laser is used to minimize the scar.

Different methods of abdominal plastic surgery

As you know, abdominal plastic surgery is considered one of the best ways to flatten the abdomen and get rid of fat, considering that there are different methods of abdominal cosmetic surgery, it is better to know which method is right for you for the final decision. And which surgery will have a better result for us. The type of cosmetic surgery is determined according to the age of the applicant, the amount of accumulated fat and the amount of skin sagging on the abdomen and sides. Types of abdominal cosmetic surgery methods are:

Lipolysis slimming surgery

Another method that makes the abdomen smaller is lipolysis surgery. This method is completely invasive and causes the destruction of fat cells in the body.


In this method, after anesthetizing the lasered area, the doctor creates a hole in the skin from which a micro cannula with a diameter of 1 to 2 mm is sent into the fat with very gentle back and forth movements. And slowly the laser enters the fat cells.

The laser beam destroys and disintegrates the fat cells and gradually removes them from the mass state. The discharge of torn fat is done in two ways. One of the natural processes of the body’s metabolism, and the other after the extraction of fats by suction.

This type of surgery is usually for people who have a very large amount of sagging stomach as well as loose skin in this area. In the abdominoplasty method, the person’s skin is completely removed from the navel to the lower abdomen. As mentioned, this method has incisions and sutures and is considered a very general and major method for removing accumulated and hanging fat.

Lipomatic cosmetic surgery

Lipomatics is one of the abdominal surgery methods that has attracted the attention of many people due to its simplicity and less possible side effects. In the beauty and slimming lipomatic method, which is performed with only one metal rod, the removed fat can be used for other organs as well. It is very difficult to get rid of belly and side fat, and one of the best possible methods is to use lipomatics with the least possible recovery period and side effects and achieve an ideal body.

Pregnancy and abdominal plastic surgery

One of the most important advantages of abdominal plastic surgery, apart from fat removal, is to remove sagging skin. One of these methods that removes sagging skin is abdominoplasty.

During pregnancy, due to the increase in the size of the abdomen, fat accumulates in the abdomen, the skin of the abdomen also cracks and sags, and with the help of this method, in addition to draining excess fat, you can also remove your sagging skin. Therefore, women who have given birth are the best candidates for abdominoplasty.

It is recommended that you perform abdominoplasty when you no longer intend to become pregnant again, because in abdominoplasty, the skin of the abdomen is stretched and stitched, therefore it is possible to disrupt the development of the fetus that is in the mother’s womb.

Of course, pay attention to the fact that it is not possible to perform abdominal surgery and childbirth at the same time, because during childbirth, the mother’s body undergoes changes such as an increase in the size of the pelvis and an increase in the blood flow of the uterus.

Advantages of abdominal plastic surgery

Achieving a well-shaped and proportionate stomach
increasing the self confiedence
Being able to wear better fitting clothes that you couldn’t wear before
Being able to do activities that you couldn’t do before because of the big belly
Abdominal plastic surgery makes your stomach firm and flat.

Abdominal plastic surgery recovery process

You will see the results of this procedure two weeks later. Some people may see the results of tummy tuck surgery after several weeks or even months. You should take at least two weeks off, but some patients may need more time to recover and rehabilitate. especially if they have done a heavy operation.

Abdominal plastic surgery is an invasive operation, and after that the body needs to renew its basic strength. Do not put too much pressure on yourself and follow the medical orders carefully. All heavy activities and intense sports training should be stopped for six weeks, although doing light sports two weeks after the operation can help speed up the healing process and renew the body’s strength.


Abdominal surgery is prohibited for whom?

Women who intend to become pregnant in the future should not perform this surgery; Because the abdominal muscles are separated from each other during childbirth and the abdomen returns to its former state.

Therefore, if you want to get pregnant in the future, it is recommended to postpone the abdominoplasty until after your delivery.

People who suffer from excessive obesity and have significant excess weight are also not a suitable option for abdominal cosmetic surgery.

People who have sensitive skin and face extra flesh (keloid) at the operation site after surgery should never undergo abdominoplasty.

Using GAN after abdominal plastic surgery
When you perform any of the abdominal surgery procedures, it is better to use GAN as recommended by the abdominal surgeon.

Plastic surgeons, in most cases, in addition to the belly band, which should be closed for three to four weeks, in some cases, for one to two months, depending on the patient’s condition, it is necessary to use a girdle.


What are the risks and complications of abdominal cosmetic surgery?

  • Dangers of anesthesia
  • infection
  • Bleeding
  • Dissatisfaction with the result of surgery
  • The possibility of needing reconstructive surgery
  • Long-term wound healing

The possibility of returning the abdomen after surgery

One of the common questions that patients ask is whether it is possible for the stomach to return to its previous state. I must say that if you have proper nutrition and exercise after surgery, this possibility is greatly reduced, but if you do not follow these conditions, the stomach You will be big and misshapen again

Pain after abdominal plastic surgery

Considering the advantages of this type of surgery, we must say that pain tolerance can lead to recovery, and therefore these pains can be easily controlled with the help of medicine. Usually, it is normal to feel mild to severe discomfort in the first days after surgery, but If you have terrible pains, you should see a doctor.

Pregnancy after abdominal cosmetic surgery

One of the most important concerns of most people who are looking for the removal of sagging abdominal skin is pregnancy after abdominal cosmetic surgery, which we must say, according to most experts and cosmetic surgeons, it is completely unimpeded and women can get pregnant after abdominal surgery.

But keep in mind that the belly gets bigger due to pregnancy and the belly becomes loose and loose, and therefore doctors recommend that women who plan to get pregnant do this procedure six months after pregnancy.

Because it is very possible that in women who have not experienced pregnancy, the abdominal muscles return to their heart during pregnancy and during the growth of the fetus and the abdomen takes its previous position.


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