We are with you for treatment and surgery in Iran

In the following, the steps are explained for you, and if you need advice, you can consult us through WhatsApp


Please submit your request to our consultants through WhatsApp
Please send the following information

  • Name of applicant
  • Age of applicant
  • Please let me know if you have any illness or medication

Sending medical documents

If you have an illness, please send medical documents
Send photos for facial and body cosmetic surgeries
If you have had surgery before, please let us know

Initial consultation

After reviewing your documents and information, our experts will continue to consult with you


At this stage according to your surgeries
The exact price of the surgery and other costs related to the surgery will be provided to you

Duration of stay in Iran, hotel cost, cost of pre-surgery procedures, cost of surgery and hospital, cost of post-surgery care, transportation

Determination of admission time

Please let me know the date of arrival in Tehran

To travel to Iran, keep the following steps in mind

  • Obtaining an Iran visa
  • Buying plane tickets
  • hotel reservation

Sending travel documents

To complete the surgery date reservation, please send a photo of the plane ticket

If you book a hotel, send a photo of the hotel reservation

Travel to Iran

Contact us 2 days before the trip
Transportation and translation are free for you

  • Airport Pick up
  • Hotel to hospital
  • and everything related to your treatment

Doctor’s visit

Usually, the following things are done on the first day of arrival in Tehran

  • Performing the necessary tests before surgery
  • Meeting with the surgeon
  • Receive information and surgical instructions

Invoicing and payment

On the day of the surgery, the surgery and hospital fees will be charged
For convenience, you can pay in US dollars, Euros

recovery period

After surgery and recovery, you will be transferred to the hospital care unit
Depending on the surgeon’s opinion and the type of surgery, you will be hospitalized for one night or more

The visit after the surgery will be done in the following days, depending on the type of surgery
On the last day of your stay in Iran, you will meet the surgeon
A letter of permission to fly will be given to you by the surgeon

Patient follow-up

According to the instructions of the surgeon, you can send post-surgery information at specific times until complete recovery is achieved