In these years, laser hair removal has been established as the most effective removal of body hair among women and men, and the supply of different devices from large and reputable companies and even small companies has complicated the choice of the best option.

Platinum full body package
100 USD
All areas of the body
Full body gold package
80 USD
Full legs
Full hands
Full bikini
Full armpit
Full body silver package
50 USD

If we want to give you a golden key for a golden choice, it is “attention to the amount of innovation”. Maybe this question comes to your mind at first, “How should I notice this innovation among different device brands?”
♦ “Innovation in solving your challenges” is the main theme, exactly the same action that Cutera cold alexandrite device (with gold standard and approved by the American Food and Drug Administration-FDA) has provided for you, the laser user.

♦ By innovating the device technology, Cutera has taken an unprecedented step so that you can perform the least expensive laser hair removal in the “lowest number of laser sessions” and with the “longest time interval between sessions”.

♦ With innovation in technology, Cutera is also effective on fluffy hair, while most laser devices are used to remove thick hair.

♦ With the unique design of “Distance Gauge”, Cutera has provided you with the highest level of hygiene standards so that you have your own exclusive series.

♦ Cutera has designed a 3D cooling system with innovation in device technology, which is sapphire contact and reduces pain, irritation and the possibility of burns.

laser hair removal
laser hair removal

You can see other features of the Cutera device below:

Suitable for all skin types
Equipped with alexandrite laser (with a wavelength of 1064 nm) and ND-YAG (with a wavelength of 755 nm) for bright, green and even sun-tanned skin.